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Discovering Diversity Profile

 Discovering Diversity Profile

Spearheaded and co-authored by Armida Mendez Russell, the Discovering Diversity Profile (DDP) is a paper self-assessment tool recognized and utilized internationally as the premier diversity assessment tool.  The DDP is designed to:

Help People Capitalize on Differences

As the dramatic shift to a highly diverse workforce continues, organizations - large and small - know they must help all workers understand, accept, and capitalize on differences. They know the culturalbackgrounds and experiences of diverse employees and customers can enrich the organization, making it more innovative and globallycompetitive. But realizing the benefits of diversity means meeting the diversity challenge through self-awareness, understanding, and commitment. That commitment must begin at the top. Leaders who truly value diversity want more than compliance. And they know commitment to diversity grows only as self-awareness and personal accountability flourish within the organization.

Explore Diversity Issues in Four Key Areas

The Discovering Diversity Profile helps employees learn how they respond to workforce diversity issues and where they need to develop increased understanding. It is the foundation on which effective communication, acceptance, and teamwork can be built.

This self-directed learning instrument provides a safe, confidential way for employees to explore the complex issues surrounding diversity in four key areas:

Knowledge. Stereotypes and information are assessed as employees explore what they actually know about differences and where that knowledge comes from.Discovering Diversity Online Report

Understanding. Awareness and Empathy are measured as employees discover how willing they are to put themselves in a position to feel what others may be feeling.

Acceptance. Receptiveness and Respect are examined as employees assess how patient and respectful they are of diverse behaviors and backgrounds.

Behavior. Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Skills are measured as insight is provided into how employees act out their attitudes toward others.

Discover Your "Comfort Level"

After recording and tallying responses to the profile, learners are guided through a confidential interpretation process that identifies their present attitudes about workforce diversity. They quickly assess their level of comfort - or discomfort - with differences by using a simple feedback grid that corresponds to the four diversity areas.

Current feelings, opinions, knowledge, and skills are pinpointed. The impact of individual comfort level on workplace effectiveness is clarified, and specific suggestions for improving individual understanding of diverse groups are offered.


Authors: Armida Mendez Russell, Frank Wilderson, Ph.d and Amy Tolbert, Ph.d

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